Tracker Workbench and Business Intelligence Toolkit

Tracker Workbench is a desktop solution that provides project management tools, editors and business intelligence utilities for documenting, managing, analyzing and reporting livestock and premises information. Tracker Workbench features provide historical, current, and predictive views of animal agriculture business operations.

Project Management Workbench

Tracker Workbench is a project management oriented desktop solution that is an Eclipse based network aware rich client platform that can be installed with one or more livestock specific BI features or any of the many off the shelf solutions available on Eclipse and Industry component repositories. Tracker Workbench runs on any Desktop or Laptop platform running Microsoft, Apple or Linux operating systems.

Tracker Business Intelligence Features

Tracker BI Features are used by Animal Agriculture producers, infrastructure providers and process control auditors to

  • Document;

  • Manage;

  • Analyze;

  • Report;

  • and Inter-exchange business information.

Tracker Business Intelligence Solutions

Tracker BI Features are cost effective solutions for;

  • recording animal event histories;

  • importing and exporting data;

  • mapping premises geolocations;

  • resolving trace back, trace forward and geolocation queries;

  • interfacing with RFID readers, sensors and actuators;

  • maintaining production efficiency;

  • improving herd quality;

  • documenting process controls;

  • recording animal movements;

  • and sharing animal history information.

To learn more go to Documentation page and download the Tracker User Guide.