iRouter - M2M Integration Infrastructure

Tracker iRouter (Information Router) is an content event processor and Machine to Machine (M2M) integration solution for acquiring, transforming, exchanging and loading information between network connected sensors, actuators and systems.

Tracker iRouter reduces complexity by “integrating” sensors, actuators, and RFID readers creating a non-intrusive, easily deployed, adaptive Just-In-Time solution for building the Agri-premises based Internet of Things (IoT).

iRouter Standards

The Tracker iRouter is an OSGi standard based runtime that can be configured to run:

  • as an appliance[1];

  • integrated with the Tracker Workbench;

  • or provisioned within a full Eclipse application.

The iRouter - a Just-In-Time integration solution for multiple input devices, sensors and actuators.

To learn more go to Documentation page and download the iRouter User Guide.

[1] A network attached computer without a display.