Tracker BI Toolkit and suite of BI Featured solutions are Eclipse and Java based technologies. Tracker artifacts are developed within a collaborative open source community. Issues tracking, project management and code repositories tools are used to manage community efforts and aid in development of Tracker software artifacts, components, features and network repositories.

Tracker Project Management Wiki

The Tracker Project Management Website is a Wiki for the Tracker user and developer community. The Tracker Project Wiki is used for communicating project status and ideas between the development team and users of the Tracker technologies.

The Tracker Project Website is maintained by the Tracker Developers.

Issues Tracking

Trac is the issues tracking tool used within the Tracker Wiki to track defects, enhancements and tasks for the Tracker Developer and User community. Note: Other than a similarity of naming there is no relationship to Tracker.

Code Control

Subversion is the version control system used by Tracker Developers.