User Guides and Reference Documents

Table 1. For end-users, administrators, and analysts

For end-users, administrators, and analysts
Download File Name Comments
trackerUserGuide.pdf Tracker BI Toolkit User Guide Early draft, but does not show latest features
irouter.pdf Tracker iRouter User Guide Second draft. Technology overview of all iRouter features
simulator.pdf Device Simulator Reference Overview with focus on installation and configuration
TrackerCloud_datasheet.pdf Tracker Cloud DataSheet Tracker Cloud Product DataSheet - Goals, Benefits and Features

Other Documentation

Table 2. Tracker MetaModel Diagrams and References

Tracker MetaModel Diagrams and References
Download File Editor ECore Package URI
agriculture-MetaModel.pdf Agriculture Editor
premises-MetaModel.pdf Premises Editor
fair-MetaModel.pdf Fair Editor
KML Reference Geography Editor
metatype.xsd Metatype Editor

To see the Frequently Asked Questions about the Tracker BI Toolkit and Tracker iRouter, Go Here.