Design Goals

Project Goals

The Tracker project was undertaken to provide;

  • a Business Intelligence Toolkit for the rapid creation of Business Intelligence solutions useful for Livestock producers and infrastructure providers;

  • free Open Source technologies to encourage widespread vendor integration and user deployment of generic Livestock Business Intelligence solutions;

  • lower costing custom solutions for Livestock producers, infrastructure providers and process auditors;

  • create ubiquitous livestock event history inter-exchange solutions via associations and marketplaces.


Utilize state of the art software technologies that leverage component modularization, distributed network computing, and business object modeling. Work within a collaborative business technology friendly environment that adheres to open industry standards, open data interfaces and open source licensing.


The creation of Network Aware Business Objects.

Tracker BI Features are network repository resident business objects that can be selected by the user for installation in the Tracker Toolkit. Once installed Tracker BI Features are updated and managed from within the Tracker BI Toolkit to meet specific business needs of the user. Tracker BI Features support:

  • Open Data formats for improved data management,

  • Open Source Code to insure auditing transparency and future extensibility,

  • Component Based functionality to speed development and administration,

  • Industry Standardization to meet the needs of a multi-vendor integrated marketplace,

  • and Multi-platform runtimes to expand user and use-case operating system and hardware platform choices.