Tracker Cloud - B2B Network Exchange

Tracker Cloud offers dynamic B2B bidirectional exchange of product value information enabling the creation of Agri-Business Ecosystems which lead to increased market sales, higher product margins, better traceability and inventory control, and improved product quality.

Tracker Cloud is a

  • 'Big data' solution for Animal Livestock Information Storage;

  • Cloud service hosted for ubiquitous access or Enterprise hosted for controlled access;

  • Service provider for users of Tracker Workbench and Tracker Lite products;

  • Service provider for users of standards based business intelligence reporting tools;

  • Livestock Premises registration and retrieval service;

  • Animal life, event history and Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection recording and retrieval service;

  • Event notification service between business associates;

  • Geolocation aware service.

Download the TrackerCloud_datasheet.pdf to see use case solutions, benefits and features of the Tracker Cloud.


MongoDB[1] TrackerStore and Location Service[2] is a new generation Big Data storage solution for livestock market exchanges, livestock producers, livestock infrastructure providers and government animal health regulators who require:

  • a highly scalable, reliable and easy to maintain information repository for recording high volumes of animal life and history event information[3];

  • a facility to register and record Livestock Premises geolocation details;

  • the functionality for tracing animal movements within and between livestock premises;

  • stored information accessible by state of the art business intelligence analysis and reporting tools;

  • multi-user access controls to segregate information;

  • support for iRouter client background services and appliances;

  • an information exchange facility for sharing information between collaborating business partners.

[1] MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database.

[2] MongoDB TrackerStore and Location Service is an implementation of two Premises Editor services:

  • TrackerStore

  • Location.

See the Services section of the Premises Editor documentation for a detailed description of the TrackerStore and Location Service functionality.

[3] MongoDB has the ability to scale data storage to 100s of TERA BYTES and the capabilities for creating high degrees of redundancy.